Saturday, 23 February 2013

Man gets ‘high’ on panties and bras

KUALA TERENGGANU: A medical assistant’s fetish for used panties was uncovered when police found hundreds of underwear hidden in a cabinet when they searched his home for drugs.

The 2.45am raid yesterday at Kampung Rawai, Alor Limbat in Marang did not yield any drugs but police found about 400 pairs of panties and 10 bras that the 39-year-old man had stolen from homes over the past year.

“He has been stealing panties since his school days. He normally sniffs a panty for a day or two and then keeps it.

“After that, it becomes part of his collection. He doesn’t wear men’s underwear but wears the stolen panties instead,” said a police source yesterday.

Out in the open: Police showing the panties collection belonging 
to the medical assistant during a press conference in Kuala Terengganu.

“He gets a ‘high’ from sniffing panties.”

State narcotics chief Supt Roslan Abdul Wahid told a press conference that police also believed that the assistant, who is attached to a government clinic in Marang, had stolen panties from patients during his previous stints at other hospitals and clinics in Dungun and Marang.

Police officers were also taken aback when they found that the man was wearing one of the stolen panties when they conducted a body search.

“The suspect, who is a hardcore drug user, is neither a transvestite nor does he have previous record of sexual crimes,” he said.

Supt Roslan added that the man, who is a bachelor and lives alone, revealed that he had had the fetish since his school days and had stolen thousands of panties in the last two decades.

He said the man also had two previous cases under Section 51 (1)(a) of the Dangerous Drug Act for drug abuse and tested positive for drugs yesterday.

Supt Roslan said another four people, including a woman, were detained in a another raid at Alor Limbat in Marang at 5.30am the same day.

Police recovered 60 amphetamine-type pills from the four.

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