Wednesday, 16 October 2013

[21 SX] 6 Types of Lingerie : What it Says About the Wearer

Lingerie type = wearer personality ???

The Babydoll

What is it: Babydoll lingerie is basically shortened and sexier nightgowns, and often comes with lace trimmings, ruffles, and sheer material like chiffon. Unlike two-piece underwear sets of bras and knickers, the babydoll is becoming increasingly popular, as the girls who wear them can feel sexy without needing to have the body of a Victoria Secret’s model.

What it says about her: She’s likely to have a demure and innocent outlook, with a naughty streak in her that’s open to experimenting – but don’t open the leather gear storage box yet.

Bow-tie knickers

What is it: These set of knickers are thinly veiled excuses for underwear, characterised by their shoestring knots on either side of her hips. Obviously, these aren’t meant for everyday wear, but they do provide the perfect striptease accessory. Best unveiled to the soundtrack of Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday.

What this says about her: She’s in the mood to play and tease, you lucky man. Get to it then – those knickers don’t untie themselves, you know.

Boy Shorts

What are they: Boy Shorts are the women’s equivalent of men’s boxers, with a cheeky bum-hugging sexiness thrown in. They’re versatile and comfortable, without sacrificing that bit of sexiness – making it a staple in a women’s underwear drawer today. Boy Shorts come in a variety of colours (hot pink, anyone?) and lace trimmings that would get the pulses racing any time of the day.

What this says about her: Much like the underwear, girls who wear boy shorts tend to be practical, proud of their booties, and have the potential to play sexy when the mood is right.

Seam-free underwear

What is it: Seam-free underwear was crafted with function more than flair in mind; they are meant to be hidden and keep the body in shape while she snugly fits into a gown with unforgiving measurements.

What this says about her: Women who wear them are perfectionists when it comes to outward appearances – any hint of a VPL and they’ll freak out. Guys who want a shot at these girls would have to be impeccably dressed to grab her attention.


What are they: Sometimes, we forget that the simplest things can be the sexy – which is why the basic brief still remains popular despite the variety of lingerie on the racks. Modern briefs have come a long way since your grandma’s days (now there’s an image); they now come in a range that extends from the practical to the provocative, depending on the cut and lace-trimmings.

What it says about her: Women who wear briefs are uncomplicated gals who are comfortable with themselves – so if you’re into the girl-next-door type, she’ll likely be wearing good ol’ briefs.

Period panties

What are they: These are usually reserved for that time of the month (or when everything else is In the laundry) and definitely weren’t made to be paraded around. Although modern designs like those from THINX are better looking, these knickers are usually made from more durable material, and emphasise comfort more than sexiness.

What it says about her: You can play all the Daft Punk you want, but you’re not getting lucky tonight, pal.

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