Monday 13 January 2014

V-Power Racing vs V-Power 97

Is it any difference between V-Power Racing and V-Power 97? Not all gas station have this type of fuel..

Shell V-Power Racing can be used in any car designed to run on unleaded petrol. Their formulations are designed to help cars operate at their best, using powerful cleaning agents and Friction Modification Technology (FMT). The cleaning agents are formulated to control the build-up of deposits in new cars and to assist in removing deposits in older cars. This can help restore performance. And FMT can help cars benefit from friction reduction.

In addition to this, Shell V-Power Racing is a higher octane fuel (minimum RON97) designed to help maximize the performance potential of many modern engines.

The innovative formula in the new Shell V-Power 97 is designed to help you get the most out of your car, no matter what you drive. It’s designed to unlock power more quickly and deliver sustained performance. These special features of new Shell V-Power 97 are designed to make a difference, right from the first fill.
  • A unique formulation that contains components selected for their ability to deliver more power and acceleration through improved combustion, whatever car you drive.
  • 97 Octane formulation is designed to deliver the acceleration potential of all cars.
  • The same Friction Modification Technology used in Shell V-Power race fuel by Ferrari Formula One cars is designed to reduce friction by introducing a surface coating component to protect critical engine parts. This helps unlock valuable energy enabling more efficient energy transfer from the fuel to the wheels. It is designed for improved performance right from the first fill.

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